No Bake System

Sand Feed Bin for New & Reclaimed Sand, with Bin Indicators

Palmer High Speed Sand Mixer, Model M300, 6 – 9 TPH, With Pumps

Redford Compaction Table, Roller Lift Table Top, 46″ Wide X 50″ Long

Power Type Roller Conveyor, Straight Type (Could add curves if needed), 46″ Wide X

90′ Total Length, with Motor Drives

Donavan Mold Rollover Unit, Up to 2000 Lb Capacity

Infra Red Mold Drying Oven

General Kinematics Mold Shakeout for Furan, 48″ Wide X 9′ Long Deck, Complete with

Base and Mounts

General Kinematics Vibrating Feed Conveyor into Reclaimer, For Furan Sand, 36″ Wide

X 30′ Long

General Kinematics Sand Reclaimer, Model Vibra-Mill VM-64, Up to 10 TPH

Control Center, Allen Bradley for Shakeout, Conveyor, and Reclaimer

Dust Collector for Reclaimer, Pulse Type

Sand Transporter to Shoot Sand Back to Sand Feed Bin

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