Fundición completa disponible (VENDIDA)

Planta de fundición usada completa


Dos hornos de inducción, usados para bronce y latón. De 150 Kw, 1200 Hz, 300# Double Push Out Box

Colectores de polvo/arena

Castec No Bake Line with (2) 3.5T Mixers, Late Models, (2) Pumps, Roller

Conveyor Loop, (2) Jibs with Hoists for Handling the Molds

6 Station Green Sand Overhead System, Littleford Mixer with Hartley

Controls, Bucket Elevators, Sand Belts, Etc…

2 Redford Shell Core Machines

2 Forklifts

6 Pallet Lines with Boards and Flasks

Finishing Room with 3 Cut Off Saws, 2 Double End Back Stand Grinders, 1 Double Stand Grinder

GOFF Rubber Belt Shot Blast Machine, 6 Cu. Ft.

Espectrómetro Spectro para bronce y latón

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