Moldeadora HUNTER HMP-10

Moldeadora Hunter HMP-10, 14” X 19”

Upgraded with newer flask and new controls

Hunter Roller Conveyor Mold Handling Line Old Sand from Hunter  goes on:

30” W x 7’ Shakeout and then falls down to:

20” w x 30’ L Trough Belt Conveyor – New bagged sand is also dropped on this

conveyor – and then to:

Bucket Elevator, 18” x 46” Casing, Approx. 25’ Ht. (They have a spare belt

and some buckets)  then from elevator to:

CVS 32” w x 6’ L Sand Screen – on top of:

Royer Sand Hopper, 60” w x 7’ L x 56” Ht w/Belt under for discharge to:

Simpson Skip Loader to: Simpson Model 2F Sand Muller, 1000 Kg Batch Capacity

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