Planta de laminación para hierro de construcción

Planta de Laminación con capacidad para 30 Ton/hora


1- Material to be process

a)    Raw material: Billet 120x120x3000mm(L)

2- Machine Capacity

a) Liner speed: 250m/min

b) Production capacity: 30 Ton/hr

c) Electricity power: 7,500KVA

3- Finished product width

a)    Round bar: Dia. 10 ~25mm

b)    Deformed bar: Dia. 10 ~25mm

4- Production flow direction: Right to
left (view from operator’s side) or left to right (upon request by customer).

5- Machine are requirement: 40m(W) x 250m(L)

6- The production process: Billet –>
Furnace –> Roll to size –> Finished Product (Round Bar/Deformed bar)

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